HiI'm working on Haïti data, those of 2003. How to interprete NIU, especially for the Empstat ?

For the Empstat for Haïti, the NIU percentage is higher tahn 70% for every geographic subsections (srrondissements). Does it mean that there are 77% of the population in Port au Prince (for instance) who is not active ?

I need to calculate the frequencies for each categories of the Empstat.

When calculating the frequency, do I need to consider the NIU or not ?

Thanks for your help and excuze my english (I’m french)

Respondents who receive a code of NIU are outside of the universe for the variable, which can be found under the universe tab. In the case of EMPSTAT in Haiti 2003, the universe includes persons age 10+, which means the respondents who are coded as NIU have an age less than 10.