How to interpret NIU for sampweight questions

I’m using the online analyzer tool and trying to fill in the blank in this sentence. “In 2013, TK% of adults in the US had their cholesterol checked by a medical professional.”

So I put cholchek1yr as the row, year as the column, and sampweight as the weight. That gave me NIU 23.6%, No 27.5%, Yes 46.8% and some small percentages as unknown. Now this is a question that was asked to all sample adults right?

Does that mean I should exclude the NIU responses and scale the rest up so that Yes would be .468/(.275+.468) ?

Or is the right answer that 46.8% of adults had their cholesterol checked?

A bit confused about how these studies work.

Thanks so much,


You should exclude the NIU responses. Since you are using SAMPWEIGHT, and non-sample adults have SAMPWEIGHT=0, the NIU observations above consist entirely of respondents under the age of 18.

Notice that if you add a Selection Filter of “age(18-*)” to your table, it will drop all of the NIU observations and nothing else. Equivalently, you could instead add a Selection Filter of “cholchek1yr(1-*)” to explicitly exclude NIU observations. The ‘*’ in my filters can be used in SDA to signify the highest (or lowest) valid value.

Hope this helps.