Green Card Status

Are individuals with green cards included in the citizen variable category 3 (not a citizen)?

Similarly, are undocumented immigrants included in this category (i.e., citizen = 3)?

The universe of the variable, as well as the set of codes, has changed over time. I recommend reading through the comparability, universe, and questionnaire text tabs of the variable with attention to the sample(s) you are interested in to learn more about who was included in this question and how different immigration statuses were defined at different times. I will provide some information about how these individuals should be coded in the ACS, but please follow up if you have additional questions or questions about different samples.

Neither green card holders nor undocumented immigrants are U.S. citizens. I would therefore expect these respondents to have a code of 3 for CITIZEN. Codes 1 and 2 both indicate the respondent is a citizen, and provide more detail about the path through which citizenship was achieved. However, the American Community Survey questions that correspond to the CITIZEN variable are self-reported and proof of citizenship or status is not requested during these surveys. Respondents may answer the question however they see fit, and responses to this question likely include some amount of measurement error introduced by respondents.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I sincerely appreciate it.