France 2011-LIVEARREA

According to IPUMS International’s codebook LIVEAREA describes the total living area in a dwelling (in square meters). IPUMS International also indicates that it is available for France for 2011. The variable is coded only as 1, 40 and 100 in the France 2011 sample. Could you help interpreting these codes.
Thank you in advance

The codes for the France 2011 sample represent the following values:

1 = Less than 40 square meters
40 = 40 - 99 square meters
100 = 100 square meters or more

These codes are based on the codes from the source variable FR2011A_AREA and are available in the harmonization table for LIVEAREA (see column S labelled “FR2011A”). You can access this table by clicking on “Explore how IPUMS created this variable” at the bottom of the codes tab for LIVEAREA.

Thank you so much Grace, this is very helpful.