France - currently enrolled in school question


I am looking for Q4 from the 2008 French Census (whether the respondent is currently enrolled in an educational institution for the current school year, found here: However, I wasn’t able to find this variable (for 2008, or for other years) in the IPUMS database. I was wondering, is this data available through IPUMS? If not, is there another source that may contain this information? Thanks!

Currently, the 2008 French Census is not available via IPUMS International (see available sample descriptions here). The SCHOOL variable, which seems most closely related to the variable you are interested in, is however available in the 1968, 1982, 1999, 2006, and 2011 French samples.

Thanks, super helpful!

Hi again, I have two other questions related to the IPUMS France data. First, are there any other date of birth variables available for the 2011 French sample, that are more fine-grained than BIRTHYR (for example, month of birth)? In addition, I noticed from the “Sample Characteristics: France” page that the field work period for the 2011 France sample is collected, “Each January and Februrary of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.” Is there a variable available that would indicate what year (2009-2013) the France 2011 respondent was interviewed?

Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately, I do not see any additional information for either of these questions. The BIRTHYR variable (and the associated source variable FR2011A_BIRTHYR) are the most fine-grained information available on birth date in the 2011 France sample in IPUMS International. Also, I do not see any variables on IPUMS International or in the 2011 France data dictionary that provides information on when the respondent was interviewed.

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