Factfinder has some 5-yr ACS tables by School Districts. Anyway to get this geo variable for PUMS?

Factfinder breaks down a number of tables by the School District the household is located in. For example, school enrollment for 18-24 year olds, by sex. I am interested in breaking this down further by race/ethnicity and sex. I can not seem to find the school district geogrpahic variable in the PUMS that would allow me to generate such data. Does anybnody have any ideas. NCES seems to have some very limited ACS-ED data, but no Microdata.

This is pretty much FAQ:

  1. The only geography available in IPUMS is state-by-PUMA (https://usa.ipums.org/usa-action/variā€¦).

  2. If you are interested in any other geography, you should get a cross-walk from MCDC geocorr (http://mcdc.missouri.edu/applicationsā€¦), and cross fingers that it would work reasonably well and approximately right.

A PUMA is ~100K population; the smallest school districts would probably be what, towns of 2,000 people with 50 or so student in high school, so you should not set your hopes too high. If you really want to work with accurate school district identifiers, you need to go through the Census Research Data Center(s) and work with restricted data that has the full address / its geocode.