Extend CPUMA0010 to 2022


I was wondering if IPUMS is planning to extend the CPUMA0010 variable into the 2022 ACS 1 year sample…? It would be very helpful for research purposes. I also wondered whether IPUMS considered adding a variable or cross-walk for the recently-used “Couma” combining the identified counties and harmonizing puma into larger areas to merge to county-level data from other sources (similar to Case & Deaton 2017; more recently in Godoey & Reich, or Aliprantis, Fee & Schweitzer).

Yes, in principle. We won’t “extend CPUMA0010” exactly; rather, we plan to add a new CPUMA1020 variable that identifies areas that can be consistently identified with either 2010 or 2020 PUMAs, as used in ACS samples from 2012 through (prospectively) 2031.

We’ll have to create a new variable because it wouldn’t be possible to identify all of the existing 0010 ConsPUMAs with the new 2020 PUMAs now in use. We could also produce a “001020” version of ConsPUMAs that identifies consistent areas for the entire 2000-2031 time frame, but we don’t have plans for that yet. We aim to release the CPUMA1020 variable sometime within the next year.

Regarding “Coumas,” thanks for bringing that concept to our attention! We hadn’t seen that research before. I can see the potential value of that type of entity. I’ve added it to our list of potential new resources, and we’ll consider it in future planning.