Error Message: number of cases doesn't match row variable

I’ve recently been getting an error message for calculations I’ve done in the past through the online ASEC analysis tool. Typically I use recoded variables of race, wage, etc. and can pull up key statistics similar to the one below:

Cooks/Head Chefs/Sous Chefs in CA 2019
|1: NH White |36,607.50|
|2: NH Black |5,689.80|
|3: Hispanic |168,091.70|
|4: NH Asian incl PI |26,952.30|
|COL TOTAL |237,341.40|

I used the race_ethnicity, statefips(6), occ(4000,4020)

I performed this calculation a couple of weeks ago and now whenever I do it now I get this error message below:

“sdawt”: number of cases doesn’t match row variable.

I’ve had a similar issue using both the CPS and USA tool. Have there been recent changes that might be causing this? Also, how do I adjust a recoded variable to get the above results again?

The issue you are running into might have to do with your use of recoded variables. For example, I was able to create a similar table to yours using the non-recoded variable RACE along with the filters STATEFIP(6) and OCC(4000,4020). However, when I use an existing recoded variable on race, race_eth, I get the error message that you mentioned ("sdawt”: number of cases doesn’t match row variable). My best guess is that an underlying change in the data used to recode that variable caused it to break and it needs to be re-defined. If you are still having trouble running your analysis after recoding your race variable, please reach out to for more targeted help.