Ownership by age by income


I am trying to look at home ownership for older adults (65+) in Fairfield County, CT stratified by income level. When I try this, I get the error: “Warning: a table is not displayed because the total number of cells would have exceeded the maximum allowed (=8000). Row variable = ownershp Column variable = inctot” Is there another way to do this?


This is happening because you are attempting to make a row for each unique level of income (of which there are a lot!). To get around this, the IPUMS online analysis platform allows you to recode numerical variables into categories. Please see this page for details on this. For your situation, instead of using ‘inctot’ as the column variable, you could type something like: ‘inctot(r: 0-20000; 20001-50000; 50001-*)’ . This would make 3 income tiers. You can also save this as a new variable that you can use in later analyses by clicking on “Create Variables” at the top left menu.

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Thank you! I had a feeling that might be the case.