Different numbers for IPUMS CPS and BLS?

Hi, I’m using the IPUMS SDA tool to pull estimates of total persons in labor force. I’m trying to match this BLS table: https://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat01.htm

In SDA, I’m using year (row), labforce (column), filtering on age (16-100) and applying the sdawt person weight. But when I run this table, the estimates are different than the annual average BLS estimates.

For example, the SDA estimate for 2022 for people in the labor force is 163,996,774. The BLS estimate is 164,287,000. Am I missing a step? Thank you in advance!

There are two points to consider here. First is that the estimates in the table you link to are annual averages, whereas the IPUMS SDA tool only includes a single month of data from the March ASEC each year. Second is that researchers should weigh their observations using the composite person-level weight COMPWT when replicating BLS estimates using CPS data. For further information on composite estimates, see BLS’s weighting overview and the technical documentation.

In order to replicate these estimates, you will need to create a personal extract that includes all 2022 basic monthly samples and the variables you mention in your post as well as COMPWT. As explained in this forum post, you will also need to divide COMPWT by the number the sample months in your data (i.e. 12). You can refer to this FAQ section and video tutorial if you encounter difficulty obtaining or analyzing IPUMS data.