Annual estimate from basic sample


I am unsure about how to build an annual estimate from the CPS basic sample.

For example, the BLS reports: (Unadj) Civilian Labor Force Level - Native born, With own children under 18, Men. I know how to compute monthly estimates for this measure. However, I am unsure about how to compute annual estimates. Which weights should I use? Should I only use households in a certain mish, or should I use all?

The confusion comes from the fact that the same household might appear in several months within the same year.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Generally to calculate an annual estimate, you would keep all records (including households appearing multiple times with different values of MISH), use WTFINL, and divide the weights in each month by 12. Each sample (month) is designed to be representative of the population (after weights are applied), even though households can appear in the survey panel multiple times in a year.

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Thanks a lot!