Data partially downloading

I am downloading ACS 1 year data, and I have found that for the first ~900 records/observations, there is completely missing data for the last ~20 variables. The last half of the observations have data in those variables (obviously some data are missing as one would expect, but it’s not just blank for the last 20 or so columns). This missing data is systematic so it seems like it’s an issue either with the download or with data loss upon opening the file. I think it is with the download because the data is also missing when I open it in SAS. Has anyone had this issue? I’ve reduced the number of variables I include. The file size is 9.7 MB.

Thank you,

I should note that this also happened with a 3 MB size file for a different sample of data.

I took a look at your most recent extract and can see the variables with a high number of missing cases. The systematic missingness is confined to attach characteristic variables (which information about other people in the household) for persons who are living in group quarters. As such, I wouldn’t expect them to have data in variables about other household members. Please let me know if you are seeing systematic missingness other variables or persons who are not in group quarters.