Data extract issue


I submitted the request for data but I have this message.
use “C:\Users\wb504429\OneDrive - WBG\Desktop\ipumsi_00001.dta”
op. sys. refuses to provide memory
Stata’s data-storage memory manager has already allocated 24704m bytes and it just attempted to allocate another 32m bytes. The operating system said no. Perhaps you are running
another memory-consuming task and the command will work later when the task completes. Perhaps you are on a multiuser system that is especially busy and the command will work later
when activity quiets down. Perhaps a system administrator has put a limit on what you can allocate; see help memory. Or perhaps that’s all the memory your computer can allocate to

also may I know which ISIC classification is followed?rev 3 or 4?thanks

It looks like you are getting a Stata error regarding available memory for processing your extract. Your recent extract requests were quite large; you might consider breaking your request into smaller extracts to address the issue.

A colleague of mine is looking into your inquiry about ISIC classification and will reply via email.

I was using WinRAR to extract but it didnt work. should i install only 7zip?

thanks very much for your help


I am not familiar with WinRAR, but it should work on .gz files. Given the large extract request, I suggest confirming that your file downloaded completely before trying different decompression software (and splitting your request into smaller pieces).