County coding 2016 ASEC

Hello, using the 2016 ASEC. Looking at the county coding, I see an observation with:

25017 as the reported County

yet, when I look here:

This doesn’t appear to concord to any of the included counties.

How am I to know what 25017 means?

Thank you.

This seems to be missing from the documentation and is being updated immediately. It seems that all of Massachusetts is missing.

But to answer your question: 25017 refers to Middlesex County in Massachusetts. You can find this in CPS ASEC 2016 codebook on page E-22.

Thanks for checking. I gave this as an example, but others appear to be off as well: 33013 and ohers as well.

Will the entire codebook be updated? If so, when can we expect it to be available?

Thank you,

We’ll be updating the entire codebook shortly and it will be updated with the next release of data (which is sooner rather than later).

33013 refers to New Hampshire - Merrimack County.

In case we take longer than you need, the first two digits are the State FIPS code (…) and the last three digits are the county which you can find in the codebook.

Sorry for the inconvenience!