CPS occupation code change in 2012 - crosswalk?

It seems the CPS coding of occupations changed slightly in May 2012 (noted in Appendix B here and elsewhere). This makes the SOC-Census crosswalk available on the BLS website (link) obsolete. Is there an updated version of this crosswalk available anywhere? I’ve found crosswalks for the ACS (which was similarly modified in 2013), from both Census and IPUMS, but I haven’t found a simlar update for CPS. Does this exist somewhere? Thanks!

I am afraid I may be misunderstanding your question. Appendix B of the pdf document you linked to also includes a 2010 SOC code column on the right hand side of the page which gives the corresponding SOC code for the updated Census occupation codes listed along the left-hand side of the page. Is this different from the crosswalk you are looking for?

I see. Unfortunately, this is the only resource that I know of directly relating to the CPS. I believe the convention is that the XX’s represent all other unused codes (though this is not a very easily interpreted notation). The ACS coding you referenced earlier should apply to these CPS OCC codes as they are both using the Census Occupation codes. I have not done a complete comparison of the two files, but this OCC to OCCSOC crosswalk (which includes the XX codes) seems to be identical to the on in Appendix B of the ASEC documentation you linked to.

I hope this helps.

The OCC to OCCSOC crosswalk for ACS is not the same coding as in the CPS, though they are close. I eventually found what I was looking for on the BLS website. It is the file " 2014 National Employment Matrix/SOC to CPS Crosswalk". This lines up exactly with the CPS codebook, except for one SOC 17-2021 which is classified into 1340 in the codebook and 1530 in the crosswalk.