Industry Comparison: IPUMS IND Vs. NBER PEIO1ICD


Looking at the comparability of IND in the IPUMS CPS database, it reads:

For 1962-1967, an industrial classification scheme with fewer than 50 codes was used. In 1968-1970, industry was coded using the 1960 census classification scheme; in 1971-1982, using the 1970 census classification scheme; in 1983-1991, using the 1980 census classification scheme; in 1992-2002, using the 1990 census classification scheme; in 2003-2008, using the 2002 census classification scheme; in 2009-2013, using the 2007 census classification scheme; in 2014-2019 using the 2012 census classification scheme; and in 2020 forward using the 2017 census classification scheme.

Can someone confirm whether the IND variable in IPUMS CPS is supposed to correspond directly to PEIO1ICD in the NBER version of the data? When I read the technical documentation appendix, it seems like cps monthly data use the 2002 census codes in 2010 while the IPUMS industry codes used for 2010 seem to be the 2007 census classifications? CPS appendix link:


Yes, the IPUMS IND variable corresponds directly to the variable PEIO1ICD in the NBER files. The reason it appears the 2010 ASEC uses the 2002 codes is because the 2007 scheme is virtually identical to the 2002 scheme. There’s one code that’s different (6675 became 6672) and a few code descriptions changed very slightly. We will look into changing the documentation to make this clearer.

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