Could I get the 2000PUMAsASCII.txt file in excel format?

For my research project, I need to calculate the pouplation by city and county. For this purpose I am using the 2000PUMAsACSII.txt. However, when I try to import the txt file into stata (or excel) some columns are combined and I cannot identify the variables anymore. I already used different formats (tab, space, semicolon delimit) but nothing is working. Is it possible to obtain the file in excel format?

Thank you very much

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the excel document here because the file is to large to link. Instead I have attached a text file with the 2000PUMAs data in tab delimited form. Copying all of the contents of the file should paste nicely into excel. You will still need the original text file for the explanation and column headers.

I hope this helps.

2000PUMAsTAB.txt.txt (12.8 MB)

Thank you for the file.

It works now!