Contraceptive continuation PMA2020

my name is desi, i’m doing a research on contraceptive continuation using Indonesia PMA2020 data round 2.
The survey don’t have calendar data. Can I measure the contraceptive continuation using questions below?
(309a) Since what month and year have you been using [MOST RECENT / CURRENT METHOD] without
(309b) When did you stop using your [MOST RECENT
(309d) CHECK: Just to make sure I have this correct,
you used [RECENT METHOD] continuously
between [START DATE] and [END DATE] without
stopping, is that correct?

Thank you very much for your responses.

Yes, you may use these questions to measure contraceptive continuation. Responses to question 309a are recorded in the variable FPBEGINUSECMC and responses to 309b in the variable FPSTOPUSECMC in CMC form (number of months since January 1900). The consistency check in question 309d is not available via IPUMS PMA; this is an internal variable used by the original data providers only. Note also that FPSTOPUSECMC will equal 9999 for respondents who were still using a contraceptive method at the time of the survey. This is noted in the Codes tab for this variable.

While the questions in IPUMS PMA are worded such that the respondent should have been using the family planning method throughout the entire period from the given start to end date, there may be reason to suspect that respondents did not report periods when they paused in using this method. IPUMS DHS is another IPUMS data collection that also offers women months, where each observation is a month for a respondent woman, as a unit of analysis. While data is not available for Indonesia, the unit includes retrospective calendar data, collected for approximately 5 years before the month of interview for women of childbearing age, and includes information on pregnancy, birth, pregnancy termination, and, for some samples, contraceptive use. If you’re interested in exploring these data further, I recommend viewing the Introducing IPUMS-DHS Calendar Data webinar and the accompanying slides.

I want to asses the association between health facility characteristics and contraceptive continuation. I’d like to use DHS data because they provide calendar data but in Indonesia it doesn’t provide SPA data.
Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: