International panel / repeated measures data from IPUMS?

Hello, I am wondering if IPUMS has any data that could be considered panel, or repeated measures, data where the same individuals are tracked over multiple survey waves. I am particularly interested in international data, and in data on parenting and child development. I was thinking that IPUMS-DHS might have such resources, but am unable to figure this out from the documentation. Thank you.

Hello! IPUMS PMA has two types of panel data. One is a longitudinal panel of pregnant women in Ethiopia, in which the mothers are interviewed multiple times post-partum about the health of their infant, themselves, health care access, and other topics. The 2016 cohort data is currently on our website, and the 2019 cohort will be released next month. To access these data, go to IPUMS PMA’s website after registering a free account with IPUMS PMA, then choose the Maternal and Newborn Health topic.

The other type of panel data is the longitudinal family planning survey, which follows women of childbearing age over the course of 3 years in 8 countries (not all are available on IPUMS yet, not all waves of data collection are complete or publicly available). Unfortunately, there are not many variables on parenting and child development in these surveys. They can be found by choosing the Person- Family Planning unit of analysis and topic, and choosing the Longitudinal radio button on the Select Samples page.

I hope this helps!

Thank you! I appreciate this information.