Construct PWMETRO for 2012-onward ACS using PWPUMA00

I wish to construct “pwmetro” variable for 2012-onward ACS samples.

I have been able to identify the relationship between new PUMAs and (2010 version) PWPUMA00 codes, but I am not sure how to construct “place of work MSAs” using PWPUMA00? How can I identify which PWPUMA00 fall into particular MSA? (any mapping files similar to MET2013 crosswalk files?…)

Many thanks!

As it happens, we recently completed our internal work to produce a new “PWMET13” variable that will supply 2013 metro area codes for 2000 and 2005-2016 samples. We plan to release the variable later this fall, in mid-October at the earliest.

Before then, you can make use of the attached supplementary files, which correspond (just as you suggested) with the MET2013 crosswalk files. I see that the User Forum system has truncated the file names, so that two of the files now have the same name (PWMET13_match_errors.xls). They both describe match errors between 2013 MSA’s and 2000 PWPUMA’s, but one uses 2000 populations (for 2000 samples) and the other uses 2010 populations (for 2005-2011 ACS samples).

Our code assignment protocol for PWMET13 will match MET2013’s: we’ll assign an MSA code to a PWPUMA if more than 50% of the PWPUMA’s population resides in the MSA _and_ the sum of omission and commission errors for the MSA is less than 15%.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reply to this post.

MIGMET131_PWMET13_ma.xls (88.5 KB)
MSA2013_MIG-PW-PUMA2.xls (221 KB)
MSA2013_PWPUMA2000_c.xls (372 KB)
PWMET13_match_errors-1.xls (90 KB)
PWMET13_match_errors.xls (89.5 KB)