Civil Registry in Morocco 1982 Census


I was reviewing the enumerator instructions available on your website for the 1982 Moroccan census:

It looks like a question was asked in the census regarding “etat civil” or “civil registry.”

This question is included under the Source Variables for the 1994 census: IPUMS-I: descr: MA1994A_VITALREG

but I wanted to confirm whether this variable was included in the sample provided with the 1982 census and if so, if there was a way to access it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide and for this wonderful resource.

The IPUMS International Team is only able to make available variables that are provided by the local statistical agency. Unfortunately, although this variable was included in the questionnaire, it does not look like the civil registry variable was provided by the Moroccan statistical agency for the 1982 census sample.