Morocco 2014 census data


I’m looking for data from the 2014 Moroccan census. From what I understand it was supposed to have been released last year but I have yet to find it available anywhere. Any tips/advice would be appreciated!

Many tables from the 2014 census of Morocco are available from the DOS link below.

A couple of years ago, IPUMS-International requested a sample for the 2014 census with the idea of launching the integrated version at the World Statistics Congress in Marrakech next July. Unfortunately The Department of Statistics has not acted on the request.

As you may know, census microdata are difficult to obtain for many countries. We will soon know whether Morocco should be counted among the difficult ones or not. If you are a Moroccan citizen, please contact the DOS to encourage the director to disseminate the microdata without further deay.

Mexico is the current record holder, entrusting to IPUMS a sample of its 2015 population survey (20 million person records) 9 months after enumeration day. The integrated version is expected to be launched in a matter of weeks.

Thank you for your interest.