Change in health care occupations in 2014?

I’m studying nursing occupations in the ACS and noticed a fairly increase in the occupation code 3500 (licensed practical nurses and vocational nurses) and a corresponding decrease in the occupation code 3600 (Nursing, Psychiatric, and Home Health Aides) in the same year (2014) but can’t find any occupation coding changes in that year. I’ve plotted counts in the ACS samples from 2005-2017 below. To me this looks like the coding was changed so that some people who would have been coded in 3600 were coded in 3500 beginning in 2014, but want to confirm. Thanks a lot!

I’ve looked into this in some detail, and I can’t find any clear explanation. I’ve also run this by folks on the IPUMS USA team but nobody had an explanation, though it doesn’t appear to be an issue originating with IPUMS but rather the original public-use files from the Census Bureau. Our best guess is that the coding procedure (moving from the written occupation reported on the ACS form to an occupation code) changed in some way in 2014. I think your best bet is to reach out to the Census Bureau directly with this question.

Thanks Matthew for looking into it!! I will contact the Census Bureau and update this thread if I get a response. Thanks again.