What "Psychiatric, Nursing, and Home health aid" occ 3600 encompasses?

Does this catagory mean, psychiatric aids, nursing aids, and home health aids? Or are these all different catagoies of home care? If this is different kinds of aids, is there a code in either occupation or industry that would just be home health care that is avaliable for 1990-2016?

In the Census Bureau’s occupation codes “Psychiatric, Nursing, and Home health aid” is listed under the header “Healthcare Support Occupations:” which also includes the following categories:

Occupational therapy assistants and aides
Physical therapist assistants and aides

Massage therapists

Dental assistants

Medical assistants

Medical transcriptionists

Pharmacy aides

Veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers


Healthcare support workers, all other, including medical equipment preparers

Further, the OCC 2600 code corresponds to the SOC occupation group:31-1100 Home Health and Personal Care Aides; and Nursing Assistants, Orderlies, and Psychiatric Aides
So it would seem that your first guess is correct, that all of these occupations are healthcare aids and not all home-based medical occupations. Unfortunately, there is not a clear occupation and industry pair that identifies just home health care workers.