Can you help me fast track my application approval?

Hi IPUMS Team,

I am a student at the University of St Andrews and have a deadline tomorrow at 12pm for a STATA project that I am working on. I am writing a study on wage differentials by race and gender using the Oaxaca decomposition and an inter-categorical approach to intersect race-sex subgroups. I am hoping to see if someone is able to approve my account as soon as possible so that I can access the dataset I need to complete my work. I am really desperate and would not be asking unless it was urgent. I really appreciate any help and understand if it is not possible to honour my request.

Many thanks,

Your application for access to IPUMS International has been approved. Best of luck with your study!

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Thank you so much Grace! You just saved me from academic distraught. All love and guidance to you and your family :slight_smile: