Can I link March 2008 ASEC to May 2008 CPS?

Jeff, you answered my question about matching March ASEC to July CPS. I understand (I think). What if I change to asking, can I match the March ASEC in 2008 to the May CPS in 2008? FYI, this would work for me as the Public Arts Supplement is asked in May 2008.

Yes, that should work. The key point is: since the CPS samples households for 4 consecutive months, then off for 8, then back on for 4; a household surveyed in March will never be surveyed in July. In fact there is a 5 month window (July-November) that, at the moment, cannot be easily matched with the ASEC. Households surveyed in March will, however, be surveyed in May. So, you should be able to perform this match. See this working paper for details about how to best make this match.