Can I donate historical European census data to IPUMS?

Hi IPUMS folks,
I am posing this question both on the Q&A portal and via direct email.
My late parents, historical sociologist Charles Tilly and social historian Louise Tilly, microfilmed census data for selected cities in Britain, France, and Italy, for selected years in the 18th and 19th centuries—probably 15-20 reels in total. There are also various statistical compilations and reports that are not censuses per se, but include data on population demographics, housing conditions, strikes, etc., maybe 10-12 additional reels. Columbia University Library was just cleaning house and sent me the microfilm, and I am looking for somebody who might like to add it to their holdings—it is not relevant to my research.
Would IPUMS be interested in some or possibly all of these films? What more would you need to know to evaluate them?
Chris Tilly, UCLA

We have already been in touch via email; however, I wanted to post to the forum as well for anyone else with a similar inquiry.

While we are not generally an archive for academic materials, preservation of population data and associated metadata (including international materials) is part of our core mission at IPUMS. Because of the variability in storage format, data contents, other formats of the same data, we are best positioned to handle these types of inquiries via email.