Bridge: IND1990 to Compustat GICS or NBER patent database



Is anyone aware of a link/bridge between IND1990 and sectors as defined by Compustat GICS or the NBER patent data base?

I’m open to anything, be it formal or informal.




I am afraid I do not know of a direct crosswalk between IND1990 and GICS sectors. Since IND1990 is specific to IPUMS-USA, you may have better luck if you first create a crosswalk between IND1990 and the NAICS industry codes using the INDNAICS variable. I would recommend downloading an extract from the year you are interested in with the IND1990 and INDNAICS variables. You can then select one person per IND1990 code and the resulting dataset can function as a crosswalk between IND1990 and the NAICS coding structure for that year. Since NAICS is a more widely used coding scheme, you will likely have better luck find a crosswalk to GICS. In my brief search I was only able to find an EditGrid, but since I do not know the source of this crosswalk I cannot fully endorse it. Hopefully a more thorough search will turn up something better.

I hope this helps.