bottom code for income variables (1980)


for 1980 income variables, it is stated that while the bottom codes for INCTOT, INCBUS, INCFARM, INCINVST are $-9,900, $9,900 is coded as -09995. So after I got the data on STATA, what I did was convert all -9995s into -9900s. However, even after doing that, as you can see in the picture below, there were still values smaller than -9,900 (or larger in absolute values), which I thought contradicts the bottom code. Should I also consider them as -$9,900 and convert them to -9,900 as well?


A few quick corrections should resolve this issue. Note that the bottom code for INCTOT, INCFARM, and INCINVEST in 1980 indicates a value less than -9,990; rather than -9,900. On the other hand, the bottom code for INCBUS in 1980 indicates a value less than $-9,900.

But doesn’t the bottom code being -$9,900 imply that any values less than -$9,900 will be coded as -9,900 in the data itself?