Hi, I am trying to use the variable INCWAGE from IPUS USA. How come the average in 2015 is as high as 200k?

Can anybdody give me a more detailed explanation of what is included into the variable? I am a bit puzzled by the very highvalues (not only in 2015, in general). I know it is before taxes, but I really find it hard to reconcile with data, for instance, on disposable income.


It sounds like you are including the INCWAGE N/A code of 999999. These values represent people who were not in the question universe for INCWAGE. If you exclude values of 999999 from your calculation, or limit your data to people who are 16 and older (the 2015 INCWAGE question universe), you should get values that look closer to published figures (though we do not expect to exactly match published figures with sample microdata). For the 2015 1-year ACS file I get a weighted average INCWAGE value of 27,962.58 for people 16+.

I hope this helps!