Bangladesh's census variables: Censuses 1991, 2001, 2011

I am interested in variables ‘empstat’ ‘empstatd’ ‘labforce’ ‘ind’ ‘classwk’ ‘classwkd’

In the data I downloaded,
‘empstat’ ‘empstatd’ ‘labforce’: available for all 3 years;
‘ind’: only code is available for all years but no interpretation;
‘classwk’ ‘classwkd’: only available in 1991 and 2001, but not in 2011.

Could anyone please tell me if I can get these variables for all three census years in a harmonized form? Thank you.

Regarding IND: please refer to the Codes Page for IND and select the Bangladesh samples to see the list of codes for each year. For example, clicking on the 2001 sample will bring you to the source variable for industry for the 2001 census, which lists all the codes used in that year. IND does not have labels because different codes mean different things in different samples. Currently IPUMS International provides the harmonized industry variable INDGEN, but it is not available for all samples (including the Bangladesh samples) because of the wide variety of coding schemes and levels of detail used across time and countries.

Regarding CLASSWK: unfortunately this is not available for the 2011 Bangladesh census through IPUMS International.

Thank you so much for the information. I truly appreciate it.