Assign Individuals to PUMAS, append dataset

I have an extract of individuals from the 2016 ACS 5 year est that I want to assign to PUMAS. I was epecting that I would download under the household harmonized variables drop down menu and somehow append those PUMAS to the individuals by serial number or some other identifier.

Is there a way to do this easily, or should I create a new extract with all of the old variable plpus the Household PUMA variable?

The simplest option would likely be to revise your extract to include PUMA. From your extract page, you can click “revise” next to the extract you wish to add it to. Then, next to variables, click “change”. You will then be able to add PUMA and re-submit the extract.

Alternatively, you could also download another extract with PUMA and merge the two together. Including the following variables will allow you to uniquely identify each person within the sample: YEAR, DATANUM, PERNUM, and SERIAL.