AHTUS to ATUS activity code crosswalks


I am looking for the activity coding crosswalks from the AHTUS classifications to ATUS activity codes. The SPSS programs seem to reference additional files for these crosswalks, and presumably they exist in some form. Would it be possible to obtain these?

(as a side issue, there is no category available for IPUMS Time Use or AHTUS-X, only ATUS-X)



Both the AHTUS-X and ATUS-X harmonized activity coding schemes start with the original Time-Use Survey activity codes. The crosswalk between these original codes and the harmonized AHTUS-X codes is linked as “documentation” on theMAIN variable description page. I have linked the comparable crosswalk (though, using only numeric representations of the original codes) here. By combining these two crosswalks for the year(s) you are interested in you can identify the equivalent codes between the AHTUS-X and ATUS-X harmonized variables.

I hope this helps.

activity_tt.xls (518 KB)