ACS METAREA data missing for Burlington, VT for all years, and METRO is all rural or unidentifiable. Reason?

But according to the 2010 Census, VT is 38.9% urban. What’s going on with the VT geography data?

For the 2005-onward ACS samples, the PUMA is the smallest identifiable geography. Each PUMA represents an area of at least 100,000 persons. The largest city in Vermont (Burlington) has fewer than 50,000 persons; therefore, none of the cities in Vermont are large enough to be identified. As a result, all Vermont respondents’ METRO variable is either rural (lives in a PUMA that does not contain a city) or unidentifiable (lives in a PUMA that contains both city and non-city area).

Here is the PUMA map for Vermont, which is divided into four PUMAs that are each comprised of three or more counties.

Hope this helps.

That does, thanks!