Write-in occupation code data available?

Hi there. Does IPUMS microdata include the write-in occupations in addition to the OCC variable?

I’m looking at a list of such write-in data in the download below, and I am wondering if it is possible to see this within the IPUMS microdata. Basically, I am trying to parse within the occ code 2300 preschool/kindergarten teachers to sort for just the former. The write-ins are pretty clear in the sample.

Public-Use Sample of Occupation and Industry Write-ins from ACS 2019 [< 1.0 MB]

This information is not publicly available for the ACS samples. You can find write-in values in the full-count census data, but only up until 1940 (and with a restricted license). You might be able to get this information in an FSRDC. If you’re interested in going that route I recommend contacting your local FSRDC administrator to check if this information is available.