Why is there only one source variable of DISABLED for Mexico 2010, Ireland 2011? Can I access more? Thanks.


For Mexico 2010 and Ireland 2011, there is only one source variable for the integrated variable “Disabled”. But their question texts show multiple possible disabling conditions. Are there more unharmonized variables that we can possibly access? Thank you.



Yes, there are more harmonized variables regarding specific dimensions of disability. These are a bit hard to find as they are noted in the other IPUMS integrated variables: DISEMP, DISBLND, DISDEAF, DISMUTE, DISLOWR, DISMNTL, DISPSYC, DISCARE, DISMOBL, and DISWORK.

I hope this helps.



Thank you. Are there more unharmonized/source variables available for “Disabled” in these two samples ? I only find one.