Why is my data downloaded in .html instead of .zip file? (Mac OS X)


I’m using Maverick operation sytem on my macbook. I picked the data I wanted, and its expected size was 479 MB. When the data showed on the Download or Revise Extracts menu, it couldn’t be downloaded as a zip file, only with a .html ending. So I tried using a Windows 8 operation system: the zip file could be downloaded as such but was only 1 KB. After unzipping the file it was zero KB. So basically I can’t see, or use my data.

Could anyone help who had the same kind of experience or knows what’s going on?

I’ll be most grateful!


I am afraid I can’t address the issue you are having downloading the file using Mac OS X as I do not presently have access to an Mac operating system. However, if you are trying to save the link as .zip the issue may be that the file is actually a .gz compressed file. Mac should be able to decompress the file by simply double-clicking.

The problem you are having with the decompressed file has to due with selecting cases. I looked at your extract and it appears that you are selecting cases based on a RACE code that was not available in the samples you have chosen. You can read about how the RACE variable has changed over time in the comparability statement.

I hope this helps.