Unzipping csv extracts on Mac

I receive the message "unable to expand ‘file.gz’ " (error 79 - inappropriate file type or format) when I attempt to unzip my downloaded csv formatted files on a Mac. Any suggestions out there? Thanks!

The most common cause for this is an incomplete download. I suggest trying to download the file again from the IPUMS website.

Thank you for the suggestion - I will try again and see. That said - it is happening across the three or four extracts I tried, not just one, and across both csv and .dat extracts. Some of my googling around suggested it might be a mac issue (error 79 inappropriate file type message when I try to unzip). Any thoughts on whether moving to a pc might resolve it?

That might work. You could also try a third party archive software for Mac, such as The Unarchiver.

Thank you - that worked! Appreciate the suggestion!