Why is INCWAGE > 0 when WKSWORK1 = 0?

I am working with 2019 ACS. Looking Connecticut data. There are 84K obs between the ages of 16 and 64. There are 67K obs within that age group where INCWAGE > 0 and WKSWORK1 = 0.

Any idea as to why this is occurring?

I solved my own question. I am using the 5-yr 2019 ASC and the variable WKSWORK1 is only available for the year 2019. For the other 4 years, the value if WKSWORK1 is missing.

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Glad you were able to solve this. Note that WKSWORK2 is available for all 5 years of the 2019 5-year file, though you may prefer to use the 2019 1-year sample if the single week detail of WKSWORK1 is more suitable for your analysis.