When using your online data analyzer to create a line chart, how do I display counts, rather than percents?


I’m using your online data analysis “frequences or crosstabulations” to look at some basic data, like the proportion of native-born citizens in the US each decade from 1900 to 2010. I’m able to make a line chart (or stacked bar chart) that shows the percent of immigrants vs. native-born over time. But, I can’t figure out how to make a line chart that shows the *NUMBER* of immigrants vs. natives over time. Is it possible to make a graph like this with your online analysis tool?


The online analysis tool is great in allowing for quick summaries of data, but lacks in several areas of customization. Unfortunately there really is not a way to get the numbers onto a line chart in the online analysis tool, but these numbers should be recorded in a table above the chart.