How do I get Immigrant Share per State

I would like to know how to find the share of immigrants for each state entailing the percentage of immigrants within the population of each state as I am working on a project trying to determine whether immigrant shares over time and over different areas have effect on secondary school attainment for native students

You can access this data using either person level survey data available through IPUMS USA or published Census summary data tables available through IPUMS NHGIS. Both of these use the same underlying data source for years without a decennial census (i.e. the American Community Survey), but the summary tables provide more detailed geographical identifiers (e.g., country, census tract, etc.) while the microdata allows for more detailed cross tabulations of immigrants by other variables (e.g., sex, income, work status, etc.), though some cross tabulations are available through NHGIS as well.

In your case, it may be more straightforward to use NHGIS. We recommend that new users familiarize themselves with the website by reviewing the short video tutorials in the user guide and reading through the FAQ page. This will help you more efficiently use the Data Finder tool to filter through the different tables that are available. An example of a search that you might do would be to include State as your geographic filter, 2022 as your year, and Nativity and Place of Birth as tour topics filter. Table B05012 Nativity in the United States, will provide you with an estimate of the of native and foreign population for each state.