What's the difference: "construction and extraction occupations" and "extraction workers."

I’d like to show the number of people in construction. Is there a way to separate this from “construction and extraction occupations”?

It looks like that category is basically all construction except for the first-line supervisors, which are both construction and extraction. Can that be right?

It seems like the only reason why the general codes “Construction and Extraction Occupations” and “Extraction Occupations” exist in juxtaposition is due to the ambiguity of the occupation category: “first-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers”. It is likely the case that the coding scheme has difficulty differentiating between supervisors of construction and extraction workers and the category had to be nested under one of the general headings. So, I think you are right to conclude that all of the other codes under the general heading “Construction and Extraction Occupations” refer to construction. It is ultimately up to you how you want to categorize the first-line supervisors.