occupation classification

I have a question about occupation classification in Census, the six broadly defined classification is defined by wage level?

I am not entirely sure about your question here. Perhaps you can provide a bit more detail?

In any event, the occupation classifications, identified via OCC in IPUMS USA, are not defined by wage level. Instead, the questionnaire simply asks the respondent about their primary type of work. These responses get coded into the the occupation classification used by the US Census. Additional information about occupation codes in the US Census and ACS data can be found here.

Hi Jeff

Thanks for answering my question. I think I should put it this way: there are six broad categories in Census classfication, manager/prof/finance, production/craft, transportation/construction, machine/operator/assembler, clerical/retail, service. My question is how does these six categories come out? Is it defined by wage level?

Thank you

Okay, thanks for the clarification. As this Census Bureau page notes, the occupation classification are coded according to the most detailed level of the relevant classification system possible (accounting for factors such as disclosure concerns for small occupations), but the estimates are collected at various levels of aggregation for published data products. These aggregations follow a strict hierarchy and therefore do not vary based on wage.