What is the universe for the CPS workly variable?


I’m using the CPS workly variable to determine if someone was working in the prior year. The Universe tab for the workly variable is blank. What is the universe for workly? What I really want to know is if it includes individuals in the armed forces or if it is the civilian noninstitutional population.



The universe for WORKLY is the civilian non-institutional population, and therefore does not include those who work in the armed forces. This can be seen by tabulating EMPSTAT with WORKLY within your preferred statistical software. Additionally, the blank universe statement is being addressed by the IPUMS-CPS Team.

Hi Kristin, I may have generalized a bit too much in my previous answer. It turns out that in Post-1990 samples, those who are in the armed forces are included in the universe for the WORKLY variable. Again, this information will be updated on the Universe Tab soon.