What is the IPUMS equivalent to what the actual CPS basic monthly calls PRWKSTAT?

I’m trying to use IPMS basic monthly cps to create time series data from 1994 to present. To get started I’m trying to replicate the BLS data for part-time for economic reason: only find part-time work. (https://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2…).

To get even close to the the BLS numbers, I need to set prwkstat (full or part-time status) to either 3 or 6. The problem is that for IPUMS basic monthly cps ther is nothing similar to prwkstat. There’s wkstat, but that’s only available on an anual basis via IPUMS ASEC.

Prwkstat is availble on a monthly basis (CPS basic) via DataFerrett. But frankly, I’d rather use IPUMS because it is much more user friendly.


Currently we do not offer PRWKSTAT on IPUMS-CPS. We are expanding our monthly offerings, however, and this should eventually be included in a future data release. In the meantime, you can obtain this information from the NBER website. Because the NBER and IPUMS-CPS files share a common sort order, you can sequentially merge the data files (i.e. first NBER observation to first IPUMS-CPS observation, second to second, etc.). I recommend checking values of sex, age, and race before and after merging the data.

Hope this helps.