Ward Data in 1860 Full Count

In the 1850 Census there is WARD data for the 100% sample but in the 1860 data there is only WARD data for the 1% sample. Does anyone know why the 1860 full count does not have WARD as a geographic field? I am trying to do detailed WARD level analysis of pre-Civil War immigrants in New York City and the 1% sample doesn’t have enough data to draw conclusions about smaller ethnic groups.

Although 1850-1880 enumeration forms do occasionally identify ward in the city/township field, ward was not technically a field in the data until the 20th century. Since it didn’t have its own field, including it as a variable was left up to the transcriber. It was included in the transcription of the 1850 full count, but not in the transcription of the 1860 full count by ancestry.com. The 1% sample comes from an older transcription by IPUMS where ward information was preserved. There are no current plans to re-transcribe these samples. However, you might be interested in the variable ENUMDIST, which provides the enumeration district of respondents in the full count samples from 1880-1940.

Thank. Very helpful.

Alan Mcintyre