Vehicles Available by Household

I am doing an analysis of households by the number of vehicles available going back multiple decades, and I was unable to find NHGIS tables on this topic. I was able to locate some of the older data in dbf format on the Census website (e.g. the STF330 files on this page: 1990 Census CD-ROM discs), but I wanted to ask whether I’m missing something in how I’m searching for this topic within NHGIS before I start doing the extra data cleaning that will be necessary to use this older Census data directly.

Dear Ethan,

If you apply the following filters, you should find the data you’re looking for:

Year == 1990
Topic == Vehicles

You can find the Vehicles topic on the Housing tab of the Topic pop-up. I found 41 1990 tables that deal with vehicles when applying those two filters.

Dave Van Riper

Oops - I failed to notice the menu on the left showing the other general topics besides Population! Thanks for pointing that out.