Using HH Weight & P Weight for same analysis in R

I am trying to find estimates for the number of people who live in one county and moved to another over time (ex: find estimates for # who left Northeast Ohio counties and where they moved to, AND see who moved in and where they came from).

We are using 2015-2019 ACS PUMS data, and have Person level variables for Migration and Household level variables for the ‘current’ County/State of residence. Can we apply the PERWT to the Migration and other P level variables AND apply the HHWT to the County/State in the same analysis? Any recommendation on how to proceed with this type of analysis is appreciated.

Based on your description, it seems like your level of analysis is on the individual level. As such, there is no need to use HHWT for the county or state. While it is true that these are household-level variables, if you set the data structure for your extract as rectangular, these household geographies will be attached to the person records. That allows you to analyze migration on the person-level using PERWT.

You might find MIGCOUNTY1 helpful in your analysis as it shows the code for the county where the respondent resided the previous year. However, as this blog post explains, county codes are not identified in the ACS. For this reason you might prefer to work with MIGPUMA1 instead. This variable provides you with the area, called the migration PUMA (Public Use Microdata Area), where the respondent resided in the previous year. Unlike MIGCOUNTY1, all PUMAs however are identified in the data, meaning that you will be able to locate the PUMA from where the individual migrated.