US school district population by age group

Where can one find US school district population by age groups? Is it available via IPUMS or hidden somewhere in US Census site? Thanks.

IPUMS NHGIS provides summary tables of U.S. Census data and American Community Survey data aggregated at a variety of geographic levels, including the school district level (elementary, secondary, and unified). School district level data are available from the 2000, 2010, and 2020 Censuses, and the 2005-2021 American Community Surveys. School district level data are not available from IPUMS USA, as microdata are disaggregated only at broader geographic levels like county and metropolitan statistical area. Here is a short video tutorial on how to use the IPUMS NHGIS data finder.

As an example, you can use the data finder tool with elementary school district as the geographic level filter, 2010 as the year filter, and “age” as the topic filter. Table P12 reports total population by sex and age, which will allow you to calculate the total population by age in each elementary school district.


Thanks for the quick and thorough response to my query. I will watch the
video and then dig into the data. Sounds like this will fit the bill for
my work.