Population by age (as in _ years old, 1-year intervals) in Massachusetts for years 2000-2013


I’m interested in generating arrest rates for juveniles and young adults in Massachusetts for the years 2000-2013. I have the arrest counts for people of every age, but I need the populations to generate the rates. In other words, for every year 2000-2013 in the state of Massachusetts, I need to know the number of 9 year olds, the number of 10 year olds, etc. up to age 30. If someone could please either give me these figures (I’ll give you my email address) or teach me (very carefully, I’m a new user) how to get this data, I’d be extremely grateful. I use stata, if that’s relevant. Thanks very much in advance!


There are a few different ways you could go about doing this using different IPUMS projects, and in order to get all of the years you are looking for, you would have to use multiple projects. I think the best option for your specific question would be to use IPUMS-USA, since you are looking for annual figures. You could even generate these figures right on the website using the Analyze Data Online tool. Simply select ACS 2001-2011 (I will tell you how to get the information for the other years in a moment) data option. Then type “age” into the Row: box, “year” into the Column: box, and “statefip(25)” into the Selection Filter(s): box (25 is the code that corresponds to Massachusetts). Making sure that “perwt” is selected in the Weight: box, click “Run the Table.”

It is important to note that before 2005 the ACS was not fully implemented, and only collected data in about 1/3 of U.S. counties, so not all counties in Massachusetts may be represented in these data.

To get the age breakdown for the years 2000 and 2012 I would recommend using NHGIS, though these ages come in ranges rather than single years. When selecting data, make sure to filter by these years as well as by “state” under Geographic Levels, and “age” under Topics. the Sex by Age tables should be sufficient

Unfortunately, data on the 2013 population is not yet available. While IPUMS-CPS does have data from 2013, the sample from Massachusetts would not be sufficiently large enough to make statements about the state population.

I hope this helps.